Savings for the Mover!

Inspector Rewards Program

Inspector Marketing that Expresses Gratitude...

Rewards Create Loyalty...

Gratitude & Loyalty Increases Testimonials and Referrals from your Clients and Agents...

  • No sharing of client data
  • No spamming the client
  • No telemarketing to the client
  • No cost to your client
  • No data entry or work for you
  • Endorsed by ASHI & NACHI

  • Sign Up Here.

This program is the “Easiest” and “Most Effective” referral based marketing you will ever use!  Now without any work on your part, you can reward your customers for choosing you for their inspection. 

Here’s what you can offer your customers

Client Rewards
  • Nationwide Insurance - Maximum discounts - year after year after year
  • PODS - 10% off moving and/or storage
  • Kids Bowl Free - $500 in free bowling for the kids
  • Papa Johns - 25% off any order
  • Dominos - several discount offers
  • And More!
Bonus Client Reports

Inspectors, Clients and Agents Love this Program?

Read Over 500 Inspection Customer Testimonials Here! is pleased to announce that we now have 4 different rewards programs to suit every inspector's business philosophy.
It's simple, effective rewards that are free for your client and requires no maintenance or attention on your part.  You simply utilize its benefits to capture more prospects than ever with mover related savings & information that can easily cover the entire cost of their inspection. Sign Up Here.

" I have been performing home inspections for over 12 years and have tried many different ways to market my business. About 8 months ago I started using the Custom Portal version.  This by far is the best marketing plan I used.  I highly recommend it to other inspectors. "  Neil Mattson - Pro Inspections - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"My clients and homeowners are appreciative of your program.  I have not heard of any problems making it work for them."  Derl Nelson P.E. - AQI Inspections - Birmingham, AL 

" The rewards program has been very beneficial to our success in the inspection industry. Our clients love the information that is emailed to them and thank us for all the discounts we provide to them. They often tell us all the moving information, the change of address forms, and all the discounts are great.  The testimonial’s we receive from our clients from the follow up emails help us to know how our inspectors are doing as well. The Realtors also often thank us for the helpful information we provide to their clients. We are very happy to have this service to provide to our customers."  Holly Smith - Advantage Inspection Upstate - Greenville, SC

JOIN NOW  -  It’s as easy as 1…2…3

Step 1  Complete the inspector registration form to qualify your clients for these valuable savings.   Its easy and takes less than 5 minutes to sign-up.

Step 2  Rewards are by inspector referral only!  Direct your clients to your choice of landing pages where they will use your name and email address to qualify for the rewards.  The client receives an Opt-in email first to validate that they personally requested the information. The client then receives the rewards they have selected.  Nothing is ever sent to the client that they do not specifically request.   All the other vendors and savings options are included and displayed in the Lowe's coupon delivery email.  If the client is interested, they click the link(s) and the website displays the details of each offer.

Step 3 Utilize this rewards program to capture price shoppers, set your business apart from others and promote yourself.  When you register, we will email you the Quick Start Guide...  8 ways to use this program to promote your inspection business and each step takes less than 5 minutes to implement!

Simple right?  Everything your client wants and nothing they don't want.  If you complete your registration form right now, you will also receive a Lowe's bar coded coupon for your own use.  So don’t delay.  Be the first one in your area to offer a rewards program which is virtually guaranteed to save your clients the entire cost of their inspection!

Note*  - This program is only available in the continental United States and the Nationwide Insurance discount opportunity is not presented to clients in FL, AK, HI, LA, NJ, MA, NM.  Vendors, offers and savings are based upon availability and may change from time to time.

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